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The Bewilderbeast, also called The King of Dragons, is a Legendary, StarStarStarStarStar, Blue Alpha.

The White Bewilderbeast and Drago's black Bewilderbeast are the two Bewilderbeast you can battle in the game.

You have 20 turns to beat them and if you do not beat them on the first try, you have to spend more energy.

The amount of damage done carries on in the next try.

It takes 3 hits from a Green dragon to stun them.

Spirit Ability

Destroy Ice wall before they reach your team.

Ice walls create frost that creeps towards the player’s team each turn and causes damage if it reaches your Dragons. Destroying ice walls will inflict damage on the Bewilderbeast.

Statistics (Story Mode)

Frozen Tundra Coldwind Wastes
Tier 1 of 5 ?
Health 20000 ?
Power 2200 ?