• Sir USUL

    I started some time ago building a excel-list for faster and better Teambuilding. The aim is, to see which teamskills the team has and what are missing (or twice). 

    I make 2x3 categories for all skills and sort them in theese:

    • DMG
    • DRAIN (dmg & heal skill)
    • HEAL

    • COUNTER (Offence & Defence skill)

    The sorting toke some time. After all I am happy with the sorting for a longer time now. 

    Thats how it looks like at the moment:

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  • Clearstream01

    I've been waiting forever but it finally happened!!!

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  • Zhyan


    September 9, 2019 by Zhyan

    Greetings Everyone, Underneath you'll find a list of good and bad offers that are available on tapjoy. If you yourself have done some tapjoy and want to share your experience of a certain offer and wish to recommend it or tell people to avoid it. Then let me know in the comments or write about it in the Tapjoy channel on discord. (Also sorry to all IOS players, as most of the list is comprised of games and tapjoy isn't allowed to give you these kinds of offers anymore :( )

    Extra tip: Always try to wait for increased rewards days (Friday to Monday). You'll be able to get a lot more runes that way (50% or 100% more).

    Slot games: Slots have always been easiest for me as I can set the phone beside me and put it on auto. If you do slots, always be…

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  • Zhyan

    All Dragons 1 picture

    August 7, 2019 by Zhyan

    I have collected all portraits of the dragons that are currently available in the game and put them in 1 picture. On the left you'll find all the dragon species that don't have any hybrid offspring, while on the right you can see the Hybrids and their parent species. I hope this picture is useful for newer players so they can see all the new dragons and make it easier for them to figure out how to get a certain hybrid dragon.

    Included in the picture are datamined portraits of possible upcoming species, which are:

    1. Eruptodon
    2. Fireworm Queen
    3. Triple Stryke
    4. Windgnasher
    5. Voltknapper (Hybrid Species of Boneknapper and Skrill)
    6. Deathburple (Hybrid Species of Hotburple and Deadly Nadder)
    7. Slumberjack (Hybrid Species of Monstrous Nightmare and Timberjack)
    8. Zipple…

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  • Cretinousmartyr

    The roles I came up with are what I have personally been using to build by teams, by always trying to have at least one dragon that fills each of these three major roles (Healer, Elder, Berserker). There are other things to consider when building a team, such as picking dragons that are strong against the foes and picking abiliies that counteract the abilities that the foes have. (Pay attention to the color wheel, and long tap any dragon in the game to see what it's abilites and stats are.)

    This is a subjective tier-ing but I am open to listening to the community to change how I value each dragon, where they are placed, as I would like this to be a resource any player could find useful. So feel free to discuss in the comments or through the…

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  • Wrathinside

    Due to certain things related to Fandom, I have to use a different alias, but some people may know me as Wirxaw from Ludia Forums and Discord. This compendium is based on my old guide , which is no longer editable and is generally outdated. However, this is a disclaimer that I am not an impersonator and no data has been stolen.
    Opening notes and edit comments
    Throughout the guide I will use the following way of describing the dragons:
    Xstar and X-star. Xstar means original dragon quality, like a 5star Toothless. X-star means trained level, like a 3-star Toothless.
    Also, some abbreviations:
    ATK - attack, DEF - defense, HP - health. AoE - team-wide damage\effect. DoT\HoT - Damage\healing over time.
    Buff - positive effect. Debuff - negati…

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  • Cretinousmartyr

    This is organized by the rarity and color of the dragons. It is base on ranking max stats for HP, DEF, & the ATK against dragons of the same rarity, by percentile, and then adding those three percents up. Proof can be found here

    1 Anveil
    2 Hide-Fryer
    3 Frostfang
    4 Tuffnut Junior

    1 Warcry
    2 Pincher
    3 Brute-Wurst

    1 Mob-Clobber
    2 Scally-Slander
    3 Muck & Tumble
    4 Flank-Tanker

    1 Fog-Stalker
    2 Sky-Pirate
    3 Fanghook
    4 Bog-Blight

    1 Knock-Rocket
    2 Torch
    3 Tripfire
    4 Driftcleaver

    1 Foehammer
    2 Skrillcrusher
    3 Waveshaker

    Tricky Two-Heads

    5 Skullcrown

    1 Gladgut
    2 Skywarden
    3 Bombwelter

    1 Copsekeep

    Axewing the Second

    3 Revenger
    4 Fendmender

    1 Gasleak
    2 Gloomleer
    3 Coldreign
    4 Obsurdian

    1 Fireshrike
    2 Charsoul

    Son of Skullcrusher

    1 Stormfly
    2 The Light Fury

    The Radiant Skyglow


    The Lithe Lo…

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  • Zahvage

    All the dragons in this section are what I call "team players". They're dragons that mostly have team-wide buff/debuffs and I've chosen them because of their ability to support each other with their abilities.


    1. The Shifty Murklurker - The all foes ability lock is incredibly useful and because of it Murky might just be the single best dragon currently in the game.
    2. Toothless - The spirit manipulation to all allies and foes is very useful - do note that it’s not a spirit gaining ability, but only a spirit boost ability.


    • The Furtive Fleetsleet - Both cleanses negative effects and guarantees strong hit for 1 turn for all allies makes for a great team player. Make sure you get a good combo going to make the most of the strong hit effect.
    • T…

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  • Cretinousmartyr

    This tier list is based on rating system (by rating the raw max stats of each dragon +  rating of ablility) by ranking the stats of dragons which share a rarity,on a scale of 1-5, distributing them as fairly as possible. I then add that number to another number I assign to value each ability. 

    How I got the values for each special move is by having any ability component at all, always worth 1 point. If the effect is a highly sought after effect in game play, for example cleanse and ability lock, it is worth more points. If it effects all dragons in a party it is valued more. If a particular dragon or group of dragons preform uniquely better than other dragons, it also gets a bonus.

    All of this is on the second page of my spreadsheet found in…

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