Dragons Titan Uprising Wiki

Unlock the Breedery at player level 16.

Pair Dragons to produce offspring or create powerful crossbreeds.

Only StarStar dragons and above can be used to breed. Each parent must have at least one Star.

After selecting 2 dragons, the game will show you the possible offspring. Only certain species of dragon can be paired together.

Breedery Upgrades

Breedery Level Breeding Pair
Rarity/Time Reduction
Upgrade Conditions
Player Level Coin.png Hourglass.png
1 StarStar and StarStarStar 16 Free Instant
2 -10% Time (StarStar) 19 60k 14h
3 StarStarStarStar 23 80k 16h
4 -25% Time (StarStar) 27 100k 1d
5 StarStarStarStarStar 31 120k 2d
6 -25% Time (StarStarStar) 35 140k 2d12h
7 -25% Time (StarStarStarStar) 40 160k 2d18h
8 -25% Time (StarStarStarStarStar) 45 180k 3d

Breeding Times and Costs

Breeding Chances

A boost is added towards the next breeding attempt when you don’t get the highest Dragon rarity from Breeding. The odds are slightly increased.

The odds boost can be stacked up to 5 times until it caps out. From 0.5% to 2.5%.

The boost resets once you obtain the highest Dragon rarity from Breeding or if you don’t start breeding within an hour of receiving the boost.

The Breeding Chances are displayed just above the possible offspring.