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Colors Types

During a battle, not every Dragon behaves the same. Some are team players with supporting abilities, some are fierce fighters, who create big damage. Choose wisely when putting a team together!


Defender Dragons will often increase or decrease the defense value of others.



Tactical Dragons are mainly damage dealers. They have the widest range of buffs and debuffs at their disposal.



Savage Dragons are often big damage dealers and increase or decrease the attack value of others.



Cunning Dragons are mainly controllers and use dirty tricks.



Valorous Dragons are mainly supporters. They have access to the best support abilities.



Each Dragon has an assigned number of potential Stars that represent its rarity.

The Dragon's rarities are: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Golden Stars

With each completed training, the Dragon will gain a new golden star representing its Training Tier. How many golden stars a Dragon can reach will depend on its rarity:


Dragons with no golden stars are Babies. Every Dragon has an assigned number of Training Tiers – ranging from Short Wing (Training Tier 1), Broad Wing (Training Tier 2 to 3), to Titan Wing(Training Tier 4 to 5).

Dragon Training

If you want to use a Dragon in a Battle, you must train it first from baby to adult.

Access your roster by clicking on the symbol on the bottom left on the home screen. Click on a new Dragon you wish to train.

Before you can train your Dragon again, it needs to be leveled up first. Look at the Training Requirements in the dragon stats to see what level it needs to be trained.

With each completed training, the Dragon will gain a new golden star representing its training tier. How many golden stars a Dragon can reach will depend on its rarity.

Leveling up Dragons

After you've trained your Dragon to a higher tier, you can level it up in order to increase its overall power. To do so, you can donate up to 10 Dragons to the Berk Dragon Academy. While you are selecting Dragons to release, look at your level bar to see which level you would reach.

The cost in Fish Fish to level a dragon depends on the current level of your Dragon (higher level = higher cost).

At the bottom, you see the chances of increasing your ability ranking. The more Dragons you will donate and the rarer they are, the better are the chances for your own Dragon to gain a higher ability rank.

You can increase the chances of leveling up the dragon's ability by:

  • Using multiple dragons (up to 10)
    • This will also save you the additional costs of leveling at a higher level
    • Ex: Upgrading Hide-Fryer Lvl 12 costs 2050 Fish per dragon used, using three Star dragons will cost 6150 Fish and increase Hide-Fryer to Lvl 14 which costs 2150 Fish per dragon used (and 2100 Fish at Lvl 13)
  • Using dragons of the same color
    • Ex: One dragon of the same color increases from 2% to 3%
  • Using dragons of the same color AND higher rarity
    • Ex: One dragon of the same color AND StarStar increases from 2% to 4%
  • Using duplicates of the same species
  • Ex: One dragon of the same species increases by 25%.

Donating Dragons to the Berk Dragon Academy provides experience to your Dragon equal to that which you have provided other Trainers.

The level cap of a dragon depends on their rarity :

Duplicate Dragons

Donating Dragons to the Academy will help to increase the abilities of other Dragons. But you might want to retain some duplicates of 3+ star Dragons for future training, that require multiple copies. 5 stars dragons don't need a duplicate to get to 3 stars.

3 Star : 1 duplicate

4 Star : 2 duplicates

5 Star: 2 duplicates


Sheep are level boosters. Feeding one to a dragon can make it go multiple levels. The rarer the sheep, the better. Using a sheep the same color as the dragon is also the best. They also have a % chance of increasing the ability.

Breeding Dragons

Letting your Dragons breed could create powerful offspring. Click on the Breedery and select the Dragons you wish to pair. Dragons that are available for breeding will have a heart symbol. Once you have selected a pair, the possible offspring is displayed.

Some of your Dragons might be too young for breeding and need to be trained to a higher training tier (golden stars). For some rarer Dragons, the Breedery level needs to be upgraded. Click on the Dragon that is locked and it will tell you what is required for breeding.

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