Holiday Events are Special Quests taking place over the course of 2 weeks in which you can earn Trust Points for a very Special Event Dragon. The Special Event Dragon is related to the holiday in question, and hence, you will most likely only be able to obtain trust for it once a year. note: Not only will Trust Point be available in Quests it will also be available in the Thawfest Emporium and in the Duty and Alpha chests.

Holiday Events

Dreadfall 2019: October 22nd - November 4th 2019

Thanksgiving 2019: November 27th - December 10th 2019

Snoggletog 2019: December 18th - December 31st 2019

New Year 2020: January 1st - January 14th 2020

Valentine 2020: February 6th - February 18th 2020

St. Paddy's 2020: March 12th - March 18th 2020

Easter 2020: April 9th - April 16th 2020

Mother's Day 2020: May 7th - May 14th 2020

Father's Day 2020: June 18th - June 25th 2020

Freyfest 2020: Junly 2nd - July 8th 2020

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