The Clan Tab as seen by a member.

Available Functions

When you are not part of a clan yet:

In this section you can create your own clan, or search for an existing one. You will need to pay 50 Rune in order to make your own clan, then you can choose it's name, symbol, description and country.

As a clan leader:

You can modify the clan's settings mentioned above and invite players using their ID. The maximum of members being 25, the invite button becomes inactive when the limit is reached. Both Leaders and members can see a Profile when clicking on it, showing their level and team of dragons. Leaders, however, can also kick out a member, or leave the leading function to someone else (Promote option) when looking on a profile. Leaders can only quit the clan if they promote another person first. (You can only switch clans 3 times a day.)

As a member:

You can also invite others if the clan isn't full or quit the clan you are on. (You can only switch clans 3 times a day.)

Everyone can report a player or clan using the little red flag, or mute a player in the Chat. (You won't be able to see the messages of a muted player.) Each player has his number of Alpha Point written on the right of his name, and the clan's Alpha Point under its symbol.

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