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The Fishery is where you store Fish, a valuable resource you can use to level up and train your Dragons.

This building will generate more Fish over time.  Clicking on it will show the production rate. Click on Upgrade to see what the current rate of Fish per hour is, how much it can hold, and how much an upgrade would increase.

The image for the Fishery will be different depending if it's full, half full or empty.

Fishery Upgrades

Fishery Level Fish.png /Hour Maximum Storage Upgrade Conditions
Player Level Coin.png Hourglass.png
1 150 25k 2 Free Instant
2 250 40k 7 2.5k 10min
3 400 60k 11 20k 2h
4 500 80k 15 70k 6h
5 650 100k 21 90k 8h
6 750 120k 25 110k 16h
7 900 140k 29 130k 1d
8 1000 160k 33 150k 2d 00h
9 1150 180K 37 170k 2d 12h
10 1250 200K 44 190k 3d
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