Dragons Titan Uprising Wiki

For more info about the subsciption, you can consult the in-game help in the settings under the Player level. The level gains a golden border once subscribed and you can choose to display your golden Toothless badge next to your name or not. You can access Flight Club at player level 5.

Free Trial

Free trials allow you to experience the benefits of having a subscription before making a payment! When you register for a free trial you agree to a subscription, which will activate once the defined free trial period ends. You can automatically continue as a subscribed player once your free trial is finished. If you do not want to commit to a subscription you should cancel your subscription before your free trial period ends. Access the Subscriptions section of your Google Play/iTunes account in order to manage your free trial and subscription.

Managing Subscription


Please open the Google Play store app and tap on the three horizontal bars at the top-left of your screen. From there select Account and then Subscriptions. This will bring you to a list of all the apps you currently have subscriptions with, where you can control your subscriptions.


You can control your subscription from the Manage Subscriptions section of your iTunes account.Flight

Flight Club Privileges

Daily Runes

Collect Free runes each day from the Flight Club building, located above the Breedery. Every time you collect, your Flight Club improves, generating more runes each day. Keep your Flight Club level as long as your subscribed.

Flight Club Building.png
Flight Club improvement
Flight Club level Upgrading Rune/day
1 Collect 1 Time 25
2 Collect 2 Times 30
3 Collect 2 Times 35
4 Collect 3 Times 40
5 Collect 3 Times 45
6 Collect 4 Times 50
7 Collect 4 Times 55
8 Collect 5 Times 60
9 Collect 6 Times 65
10 / 70

Instant 5 Star dragon

Immediately get Skullcrusher on your team! Collect more Skullcrusher Trust Point.png in the Flight Club Duty Chests.

Flight Club Duty Chests

In addition to the exclusive Trust Point.png, your Duty Chests provide more valuable rewards across the board.

More Roster Space

Immediately get 20 extra Roster slots! This even goes above the current max limit.

Exclusive offers

Gain access to a special rune pack in the shop. and keep an eye out for exclusive offers in the future!