Dragons Titan Uprising Wiki

The home Tab is the main Tab in your game. It shows your Berk with all the buildings and your battle energy, displayed above the home button. You can access the battles with the play button after the tutorial.

The amount of energy you have depends on your level, shown on the top left of the sceen. You will gain energy with each level and the amount you can store will be increased. The max level is currently 50.

Clicking on the level will let you see your profile and the settings. Clicking on the letter will show the game links for social media and your mail.

The Quests are located next to the PLAY button, and the game will show a time for your next free Draft.

You can access your Clan by clicking on the island behind Berk.

You can access the Flight Club by clicking on the special golden building.

The strongest dragons in your roster will be seen flying around your Berk! (One of each species)

Depending of the time period Berk can have different themes.