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The Target Sheep are Rare, StarStarStar Sheep.


"Stoick! Them wee ones of mine are makin' me crazy. They run all over the house breakin' and wreckin' everything. They won’t sit still for a minute. I’m exhausted."
― Silent Sven

Being a key animal in the history of farming, sheep have a deeply entrenched place in Viking culture. Not only are they useful for producing wool used to make the warm collars and itchy felt clothing that typify Vikings fashion, but they have also played a central role in the education of Berkian dragons.

In a flurry of singed hair scented with lanolin and mint jelly, a Target Sheep is the perfect sparring partner for a Dragon looking to boost its skill with target practice.


Target Sheep can be obtained from Alpha chests, Duty chests and Book of Dragons chests.

They can also be obtained from Sheep quests.