A Special market where you can spend the Thawfest medal earned in the Thawfest Games.
Thawfest Emporium

Thawfest Emporium

Featured Items

Keep an eye on the featured items that change every day. You also have the option to refresh the loot for Rune. Rare items in very limited quantities.

You can get Trust PointArmored Sheep Icon or a number of any Purple 2* Scale,Red 2* Scale,Blue 2* Scale,Green 2* Scale,Yellow 2* Scale.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items are offers that will restock each season (every 14 days). Stock is limited.

You can get protection against attacks for a limited time,Basic Draft,Premium Draft,Alpha Energy,Exploration Energy,Egg,Fish,Coin, a number of any Purple 1* Scale,Red 1* Scale,Blue 1* Scale,Green 1* Scale,Yellow 1* ScaleRuneTarget Sheep IconArmored Sheep IconDragon Sheep Icon or Trust Point

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