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The Desirous Deukae is a Legendary, StarStarStarStarStar, Blue, Deathsong.

There are stories of a female Deathsong, scales gleaming pearly white like the moon and blue like the sky, as if her scales blended in when she flew in the air at day’s light.

When one is despairing or desperate, she drops from the air and helps out, regardless of the task but depending on how dangerous it is. Once the despair is gone, the dragon takes flight, disappearing into the horizon.

Yet despair is what the Desirous Deukae brings upon those who try to wound or catch her.

She only delivers from despair the good and delivers the evil to the point of no hope, weighing down, destroying and sinking enemy ships, keeping very few alive who run back to where they were sent from. She is most feared among her species, and even feared by other Deathsongs, yet the most worshipped by many, be it dragons or those she has delivered from being hopeless.